Spectators on the sidelines

“Have you heard the news?” said TheCreep with breathless excitement today.

“What? You’ve finally won a case?” said BudyBody.

“No, OldSmoothie has been instructed by a silver-medal winning Olympian to challenge the result.” He paused and then added, “He’s going for gold.”

“Er, I think you’ll find that’s not actually true,” said TheVamp. “His client might be going for gold, but I hardly think OldSmoothie would be doing so in anything other than the stock market.”

“Don’t you ever get the feeling that you’re missing out?” said BusyBody. “You know, like the world’s going on around us and all we can ever do is spectate?”

“I know what you mean,” said HeadofChambers. “I’ve often felt it’s like the players are on the pitch and we’re always doomed to the sidelines.”

“Grateful to get a case which brings us just a little nearer to the action,” said BusyBody.

“Yet it’s all just shadows. A poor reflection of what’s really out there,” said UpTights.

“I wouldn’t say that,” said OldRuin. “I’ve always felt immensely privileged at the way we are given little glimpses into so very many worlds. Listening to people’s fears and calming their worries. There’s nothing more real than that.”

BabyBarista is a fictional account of a junior barrister written by Tim Kevan whose new novel is Law and Peace. For more information and to read past posts visit babybarista.com. Cartoons by Alex Williams, author of 101 Ways to Leave the Law.

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