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What makes a good barrister

“I see the Bar Standards Board are proposing an aptitude test for prospective barristers,” said TheCreep. “Do you think we need to introduce something similar for pupillage applications?” “Yeah, right,” said BusyBody. “As if a test could determine someone’s future ability in court.” “Unless of course you could devise an objective test for charisma and […]

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What’s the story?

“It’s all about controlling the narrative,” said TheCreep today. “Ah, I see it must be mini-pupil season,” said TheVamp, “and once more TheCreep has his only captive audience of the year.” TheCreep ignored her. “You’re either a leader or a follower. That’s the only distinction…” BusyBody smirked at the irony of TheCreep, of all people, […]

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Spectators on the sidelines

“Have you heard the news?” said TheCreep with breathless excitement today. “What? You’ve finally won a case?” said BudyBody. “No, OldSmoothie has been instructed by a silver-medal winning Olympian to challenge the result.” He paused and then added, “He’s going for gold.” “Er, I think you’ll find that’s not actually true,” said TheVamp. “His client […]

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