Book Recommendation: The Art of the Legal Loophole by Nick Freeman

“Nick Freeman is Britain’s highest profile lawyer. He has won more cases and attracts more media attention than any other lawyer practising in this country today.

Nicknamed Mr Loophole by the press for his success in using legal technicalities to get clients acquitted, his career as a criminal defence lawyer has been nothing short of stratospheric. His roll call of stellar defendants – which includes Jimmy Carr, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and Ronnie O`Sullivan – ranges from actors and sporting heroes to pop stars and captains of industry.
Mr Loophole is famous for forming winning, quirky and innovative defences – even when a case appears indefensible. In the process, he has revolutionised the way in law -particularly motoring law – is practised.
In this book, Nick will explain his unique approach to the law and in the process will identify his killer loophole principles which make it possible to win even in the face of almost certain defeat. Each principle will be illustrated with cases that show how he has deployed his pioneering strategies to devastating effect. In the process the reader will be given a ringside seat to thrilling courtroom drama and taken on a lively and engaging journey into the heart of the judicial system.
There’s no doubt that Nick’s personality has significantly impacted on his approach to fighting and winning cases. His revealing personal anecdotes and backroom stories, offer a unique insight into a brilliant mind at work.”
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