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The lawyer in your head

“Sometimes I hate being a lawyer,” said UpTights. “Sometimes?” smiled TheVamp. “That’s not fair. You love it, you hate it. But what I really can’t stand is when the little lawyer in your head starts crying blue murder just because you’ve spotted an inconsistency in what someone has just said to you.” “I know what […]

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons, 30th July 2012

  This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including Lawyers Uncovered. He also does the cartoons for BabyBarista and has had two more excellent books published recently: 101 Ways to Leave the Law and 101 Uses for a Useless Banker. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 […]

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Fast-track injustice

“I see the government’s talking about introducing fast-track justice,” said OldSmoothie today. “Fast-track injustice more like,” said BusyBody. “Yes, in my experience speedy justice is a contradiction in terms,” said HeadofChambers. “Just like secret justice,” said BusyBody. “Sounds like something straight out of Kafka.” “Enough to make Lady Justice weep,” said OldSmoothie. “The whole point […]

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Dirty tricks at court

TheCreep was fuming as he arrived back into chambers today. “I don’t believe it,” he said. “I thought I’d joined an honourable profession but today I seriously began to doubt that that was the case.” “Honourable? Lawyers?” said OldSmoothie. “Greedy, tricky, maybe. But honourable, really?” “Has someone been bullying you again MrCweepyWeepy,” teased TheVamp. “It […]

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Higgs boson for lawyers

“Don’t you just love all this chat about the Higgs boson particle?” said TheBusker today. “Apparently, it’s the invisible glue which keeps the whole universe together,” said TheCreep. “I’d say that the invisible glue which keeps the whole universe together is in fact the legalese dreamt up by our esteemed profession,” said UpTights. “Yes, a […]

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I love the law

“I love the law,” said UpTights today. “Makes me skip to work in the morning. Gives meaning to my life. Colour to my soul. Feeds me from the first to the last. You know, without the law, I am nothing.” “You might joke,” said OldSmoothie. “But it’s what you do so just get over yourself.” […]

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