Book recommendation: Ultimate Guide to Training Contract Success by Craig Robinson

“Ultimate Guide to Training Contract Success, is your definitive roadmap to navigating your journey into law. It is written by trainee solicitors at leading City law firms for future trainee solicitors. You will find the guide to be a useful source of reference, with key information and practical advice in an easy to read format. Our Guide walks students through every aspect of the training contract recruitment process. It gives useful tips on how to prepare quality application forms for the most competitive firms, how to improve your interviewing technique and provides an insight on what to expect as a trainee solicitor. The chapters on commercial awareness, networking and the questions asked at interview are priceless – as are the suggested answers and case studies. The Guide will ensure you become better informed about what law firms are looking for and the legal landscape, which will increase your prospects of achieving a training contract. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN FROM THIS GUIDE: 1. Understanding the legal market for aspiring solicitors and the route to becoming a solicitor 2. What makes a successful lawyer? Career Advice if you have a 2:2 in your degree. 3. Advice to prospective trainee solicitors undergoing their undergraduate degree courses, CPE, PgDL, and Legal Practice Course. 4. Explaining the different practices area in law. 5. How to become commercially aware. 6. Advice on drafting your CV, preparing effective covering letters and application forms. 7. How to promote yourself effectively through marketing techniques and networking. 8. How to get your application noticed and set yourself apart. Top tips and strategies to succeed at assessment days, group role plays and presentations. 9. Winning strategies on interview techniques and questions and answers on typical training contract interviews. 10. How to make the most out of vacation placements and legal/commercial work experience. 11. Meet our friends: A chapter from our friends who are currently training at leading law firms, giving top tips and practice advice on the key things that helped them secure a training contract. 12. Interview techniques. How to answer difficult interview questions and answers effectively. 13. Deciding between two offers of a training contract. What are the factors that make a good training contract? 14. What to do if you finish your studies without a training contract.”

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