Sponsored post: Avoid the imposter syndrome with the ICLR online

The pupils are now preparing for their first days in court which start in April and today they were sharing their worries with the rest of chambers.
“The problem is,” said one, “that I’ll feel like a complete fraud. I mean, people have this image of barristers being all so well-qualified and everything and in actual fact I’ll have absolutely no idea what’s going on at all.”
“I wouldn’t worry about that,” said BusyBody. “OldSmoothie still has no idea what’s going on even after thirty years of practise.”
“To be fair, I still get a little nervous sometimes,” said TheVamp. “Particularly when a really experienced solicitor instructs me and I kind of think that they’d be much better doing it themselves.”
“I think they call it the imposter syndrome,” said TheCreep. “That however good you are objectively, you never quite feel like the real thing in your own head.”
“I think OldSmoothie suffers from the opposite of that,” said UpTights. “That however bad he is objectively, he still seems to come out over-flowing with confidence.”
“Don’t worry,” said TheBusker looking at the pupils. “Everyone has to start somewhere.”
“But what if they ask me how many cases I’ve done?” piped up another.
“I’m ashamed to say that I lied when that happened to me,” said BusyBody. “I wouldn’t recommend it though as it got me into all sorts of trouble with the client.”
“It’s worse when the judge guesses you’re new and starts making fun at your expense,” said Teflon. “Though I imagine it happens less often these days.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” said OldSmoothie. “I still enjoy a spot of pupil-baiting. “I share a points scoring system with a couple of other part-time judges. Getting a stutter is a one point, a blush is two and losing their train of thought three. It goes all the way up to ten with nine points for getting a pupil to break down and beg for help and ten points if it’s in front of their client.”
The pupils now looked absolutely terrified. “Don’t worry,” said TheBusker. “Not all judges are as cruel as him and even for those ones there’s a golden bullet which always wins them around.”
He paused for theatrical effect as the pupils looked ever more desperate for the answer. “What is it?” said one.
“Always take along the ICLR online case reports. Not only does it win over even the most pompous of bullying judges but it also acts as a great comfort blanket.” TheBusker looked at them reassuringly before adding, “So remember, you’ll never feel like an imposter with your ICLR cases at the ready.”
“And whilst you’re at it,” said BusyBody, “you might want to head along to the ICLR’s stand at the National Pupillage Fair this Saturday 3rd March at Lincoln’s Inn and collect your free ‘How to survive pupillage kit’.

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