Book recommendation: ‘The Fear Index’ by Robert Harris

“As in Frankenstein, an over-reaching scientist finds himself desperately battling to destroy what he’s created. Depicting all this with sardonic relish, Harris switches the high-tension techniques that give his thrillers their heart-pounding suspense into black comic mode… The Fear Index is both cutting edge and keenly conscious of its literary predecessors… a tour-de-force.”–The Sunday Times

“Like all Harris’ books, this one is readily enjoyable as a suspense story… But what makes Harris’ thrillers so much more rewarding than those of his rivals is that they all… come out of his deep and expert interest in politics, broadly conceived–which is to say, in power, in how power is taken, held and lost; how some people are able to dominate others; how wealth and status, fear and greed, work… The Fear Index… is ultimately a study in the total lack of morality of those who manipulate the markets . . . in its own carefully conceived terms, The Fear Index is certainly another winner.”–Evening Standard

“Harris is a master of pace and entertainment, and The Fear Index is a thoroughly enjoyable book… Read the book. If I die tomorrow, blame the computer.”–The Observer

“A fine dystopian parable, especially impressive for the fact that instead of giving up on what really goes on in most banks and hedge funds and making them a mere back drop for money-laundering and ancillary skulduggery, as many thriller-writers have done, his heart of darkness is the thing itself. The drama contains, as he notes in the acknowledgments, ‘Gothic flights of fantasy’–the story reminiscent of everyone from Michael Crichton to Ian Fleming, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. Yet there is an uncomfortable core of reality there… Quite a few Financial Times readers will, I suspect, not only savour The Fear Index, but wince with recognition.”–Financial Times

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