Announcing the winners of the BabyBarista Christmas competition!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Christmas competition and helped to publicise my two BabyBarista novels Law and Peace and Law and Disorder. I’m really grateful to everyone who helped and it wasn’t easy deciding a winner. However, in my completely unjudicial and utterly subjective discretion, I have decided the following which as you’ll see reflects to my delight the international reach of this blog. First prize goes to Andrew Muiruri who is a lawyer based in Nairobi and has been tweeting tirelessly about the books from @AndrewMuiruri. I’ll be sending him a signed copy of both novels. Second prize goes to Judge Larry Eisenhauer who is a absolutely real-life all bells and whistles judge is in the Iowa Court of Appeals. He is chosen on the basis that he made a judicial pronouncement that “The judges and clerks of the Iowa Court of Appeals have been ordered to buy the ebooks”. Can’t argue with that! He will be receiving a  signed copy of Law and Peace. Finally, third prize goes to Owen Smith at City University who publicised the books on Facebook and among other things is organising a BabyBarista quiz at his college. He will be receiving a signed copy of Law and Disorder. Honourable mentions and huge thanks also go to the following people in particular: Ian Taylor (who promised to “drunkenly mention it at every opportunity at the dozens of parties I shall be attending this yuletide:), Emeric Teo, Daniel Barnett, James Fagan, Robert Hardy-McBride, Maria, Ken Seakens and Henry Oliver. If you didn’t win this time, do watch out for more competitions, particularly in the run up to Bloomsbury’s publication of the mass market edition of Law and Peace in May next year. In the meantime, thank you once again both to those that entered and also to those people this year who have enjoyed reading the blog and the books. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2012.

For your information, Law and Disorder (2009) was described by The Times as “a cross between The Talented Mr Ripley, Rumpole and Bridget Jones’s Diary” and Law and Peace (2011) was described by the Daily Mail as a “funny, sharp account of backstabbing Bar life…highly recommended” and by broadcaster Jeremy Vine as “a novel bursting with invention”. Both books are available at The cartoon above is drawn by Alex Williams who co-authored the excellent The Queen’s Counsel Alternative Lawyers’ Handbook which you can also order at

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