Book recommendation: ‘Secrets of the Spirit’ by Laura Louise Stewart

I’ve just read  Secrets of the Spirits by new author Laura Louise Stewart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst it’s written for children aged nine and over, I think it will also appeal to adults, particularly those who love animals and the countryside. It’s a ghost story involving native American Indians and the animals which were important to them and a young girl who chapter by chapter uncovers the mystery lying at its heart. It’s a great read which evocatively transports you to another world whilst at the same time keeping the pages turning as you look to see what happens next. I really do think this could become a hit – remember you heard it here first! It’s available on Kindle at a bargain price of £2.14.  The book summary says the following:

“Penelope Piper’s mother accuses her of liking animals more than people, but Penelope thinks her mum is the same about archaeology, and that’s a load of boring rocks and the broken belongings of dead people! When they take a trip to a beautiful lake in New York State to investigate some Native American rock paintings, Penelope doesn’t think it sounds promising, but then she discovers something strange about the hotel they are staying in, the eerie Bloodgood Homestead, something linked to the rumours that the town is haunted by ghostly deer. Who is the old woman imprisoned at the top of the stairs? What are the weird Bloodgood brothers hiding? Has the town really been cursed by the ghostly deer, ethereal creatures which cause car accidents on the densely forested roads around the lake before disappearing into thin air? And why is her mum acting even stranger than normal? When a black cat leads her to an unexpected meeting, Penelope starts to learn more about the beliefs of the people who used to live around the shores of Lake Wamequin and their connections to the natural world, revealed only to those who share their love of nature. With an ancient medicine bag belonging to an Iroquois boy as the key, the spirit guides reveal themselves one by one and help her to unlock the mystery of the ghostly deer. Along the way Penelope finds herself becoming more deeply involved with the history of the lake’s people (both present and past) then she ever would have thought possible and making startling discoveries about her own history. Throughout this book there is extra fun in finding the secret signs from the animal spirit guides each chapter is named after. Look out for the mighty bear and wily coyote, and think about which creature might be your own spirit guide.”

November 26, 2011 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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