Book recommendation: ‘A Week in December’ by Sebastian Faulks

`Readers will race through the pages like bankers through cash.’ –Guardian

‘During times of momentous change, men of letters are driven to produce works that fictionalise the state of the nation, linking individuals with historic events. The 19th century gave us Thackeray’s Vanity Fair, Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend and Trollope’s The Way We Live Now; the 21st has given us Sebastian Faulks’s A Week in December.’ –Sunday Times

`Faulks’s most vivid character is the odious John Veals, a hedge-fund manager, who relishes all the money that he makes and the power that he quietly exerts… Veals is brilliantly insidious… A thoughtful page-turner … The handsome sunset is heavily, and rightly, weighed down by dark clouds.’ –The Times

`As cold, impassive and deadly as a coiled rattlesnake, John Veals will endure as the epoch-defining villain of early 21st-century British fiction.’ –Independent

`His book could not be more topical or bang up to date …Faulks holds a mirror up to our drug-addled, money-obsessed society. The novel is full of Russian babes, venal politicians and bank fraudsters. What more could any reader want? Eat your heart out Charles Dickens.’ –Tatler

`This vast novel, well-plotted and gripping throughout, is the first that Sebastian Faulks has set in our time… the ambition and scope of the book are to be applauded. The conclusion is suitably nail-biting and, pleasingly, love triumphs. Sebastian Faulks has probably got another best-seller on his hands.’ –Spectator

`A portrayal of modern London that is both richly entertaining and highly rewarding. Faulks has come as close as anyone to completing the jigsaw that is this crazy, fascinating city of ours.’ –Evening Standard

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