Sponsored blog post: The pupil’s saving grace – the ICLR online

“Young man,” said HeadofChambers rather grandly this morning as he grabbed a pupil by the scruff of his shoulder length hair. “I had the benefit of being born looking like a barrister. But you unfortunately on the other hand didn’t. But I intend to help you.”
The pupil looked like a rabbit in the headlights, completely uncomprehending. “Er, oh…”
“Yes, first things first. HeadClerk will direct you to an excellent barber who will cut off that ridiculous hippy mop for a mere £6.25. You’re not a smelly, anti-capitalist student now.”
“Yes, he’s joined the tribe of the much worse stinking capitalists,” said TheBusker.
HeadofChambers was on a roll and ignored him. “Next, you must get rid of that terrible rucksack. Again, HeadClerk will direct you to a vendor of a black leather pilot case for a mere £42.50.”
“Even though rucksacks are far better for avoiding back injuries,” said BusyBody.
“Then there’s the bicycle,” said HeadofChambers. “I believe you’ve been, er, Boris biking to court in central London. What sort of image do you think that portrays of our illustrious set of chambers.”
“Modern, forward thinking, environmentally sound,” said TheVamp.
Still he ploughed on. “But worst of all are those terrible photocopied internet authorities I see you’re waving around. I mean…”
At this point the pupil finally found his voice and piped up: “Er, er, these are print-offs from the ICLR online,” he murmured.
HeadofChambers suddenly stopped in his tracks. “What? The ICLR? The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting? Online?” Then he looked at the pupil with a new-found respect. “Well, I’ve always been big enough to admit when I’m wrong and perhaps in this instance first impressions really didn’t do justice.”
With which all his other objections melted away and he started enquiring as to exactly which university the pupil had attended and which sports he enjoyed playing.

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