Sponsored blog post: Ensuring you can achieve your lifestyle goals with Informed Choice and @andrewneligan

We all have personal goals that we wish to achieve with our money; it may be you wish to retire early, to work less and spend more time doing what it is you love, to be able to enjoy a particular retirement lifestyle knowing you will never run out of money. Perhaps you have short term goals too; paying off the mortgage, buying a holiday home (or a bigger home) or paying for your children’s education. Whatever your goals may be, without a plan to achieve them they are more likely to be unfulfilled or you will have to accept less desirable outcomes; less money in retirement or working longer than you wished to for example.

Lifetime cash flow forecasting helps to ensure your goals can be attained by answering the question: “Can you achieve your personal goals with the assets and income you currently have and expect to receive?” In answering the question is provides a visual representation of your current and expected future net-worth based on your goals so that you can understand whether they are achievable or not. Where they may not be achievable you can determine what actions you can take now to make them so. As someone who has been brought up with a father in the law I know that time is a precious commodity. If you would like transparent and unbiased advice on your best course of action to achieve your lifestyle goals please do contact me at andrew@icl-ifa.co.uk.

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