Sponsored blog post: Prepare for battle with the ICLR case reports…

OldSmoothie was once again lecturing (or is that lechering) the pupils in chambers tea today. “Whenever I’m getting ready for court, I always visualise it as getting ready for battle.”
“So I assume you’d start with the belt of truth around your waist?” said BusyBody taking up the theme.
“Exactly that,” said OldSmoothie.
“And then the breastplace of righteousness,” said TheBusker continuing BusyBody’s reference.
“I couldn’t have put it better myself,” said OldSmoothie. “Then you have the gown, clean and neatly pressed gown, which is your shiny suit of armour.”
“Topped with a little horse hair helmet,” said UpTights.
“And then you wield the sword of, er, the common law of England and Wales,” said TheVamp raising her eyebrows.
“Sharpened with the authority of the official law reports from the ICLR,” said BusyBody.
“Nothing less,” said OldSmoothie.
“And with the dexterity and lightness of touch that comes from the online version of those reports,” said TheBusker.
“Naturally,” came the reply.

October 23, 2011 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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