Sponsored blog post: Dress down Friday doesn’t mean you dump the ICLR case reports!

There’s a judge in the South of England who’s known as somewhat of a hippy for the fact that once a month he has a ‘dress down Friday’ where the lawyers are encouraged to throw off the shackles of their wigs, gowns and even suits and go for something a little more casual. So much so, that it’s even said that he tends to favour those with the more daring outfits. Last Friday was one such day and I had a case in front of him against TheCreep. What’s more, it was an appeal and so neither of us had any clients or solicitors in attendance which meant we could both go to town with the dress without fear of them ever knowing.
I turned up in surfing shorts, flip flops and an Hawaiian shirt, thinking that at the very least this would put the judge in a good mood. But TheCreep had gone to extraordinary lengths to discover exactly what might curry favour with the judge, having not only phoned round other barristers but even the court clerk. So it was that he turned up in the football strip of the judge’s favourite football team and at the start of the hearing I realised that all was most definitely lost for my case when the judge opened with: “Ah, MrCreep, Manchester City. A well-considered outfit, I must say.”
Getting somewhat over-excited at the fact that for once a judge was being nice to him, TheCreep responded by saying: “Thank you, Your Honour, and I think you’ll approve equally of my bundle of documents.”
He then handed it up to the judge whose good humour changed almost immediately as he started to flick through the large bundle. TheCreep picked up on this and said uneasily, “Er, may I assist Your Honour in some way.”
The judge, who was also dressed in the same football kit, peered over his glasses. “MrCreep, I know that in many quarters I am regarded as somewhat of a liberal due to the fact that I take a more relaxed attitude to court dress. But that does not mean that I have no standards at all, particularly when it comes to the presentation of the law. The court reports with which you have presented me are of very limited assistance. They include no summary of the case which I always find extremely useful and they have no page numbers or markings. Wearing my teams strip was a good start but I’m afraid you really haven’t done yourself any favours with such a slap dash attitude to your authorities.”
TheCreep was crestfallen. The judge then looked over at me. Now, MrBabyBarista. I believe this is what’s called a second chance. Do you have anything better to offer me. With which I quietly offered up my own bundle with print-offs from the ICLR online. The judge smiled and looked over at TheCreep.
“The Incorporated Council Of Law Reports. Now that, MrCreep, is how to do it. Gimmicks, I’m afraid, will only get you so far. What with all the research I hear that you’ve been doing on me, I’m extremely surprised to discover that you didn’t even consider the quality of your law reports.”
After which, the case went in only one direction and it wasn’t that of TheCreep.

October 10, 2011 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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