Poem about the riots: ‘A victim of his Era’ by James Woolf

The following is a poem by poet, playwright and children’s author James Woolf who can be contacted here.

A Victim of his Era

Frank was sent to jail last week for some burglary or other
He blames it on his barrister, I blame it on his mother
He says his counsel knobbled him to accept a lesser plea
I say she’s molly-coddled him from birth to forty three
Frank maintains the Judge was bent and that the jurors were all mental
I would argue that Frank’s school has failed in the essentials
He says he was fitted up and was miles from all the riots
I say that his behaviour can be linked to his poor diet
My husband claims his Co-D was the one that caused the rumpus
Whereas I’d suggest society has lost its moral compass
Frank is very confident they’ll free him on appeal
I think lack of realism is Frank’s Achilles heel
Frank says that he’ll get revenge – that those SOBs will pay
I feel a father figure would have helped Frank find his way
Franks says that his legal team will be strung up from the ceiling
I say Frank has issues with expressing his true feelings
It’s really academic if he’s guilty or was framed
Whichever way you look at it, my Frank should not be blamed
The picture which emerges could not in fact be clearer
Frank is both an icon and a victim of his era

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