New BabyBarista cartoon by Alex Williams: Smutton

Alex Williams, the creator of the QC Cartoon Series at The Times as well as the creator of the BabyBarista cartoons has very kindly drawn a number of new cartoons of the BabyBarista characters including Smutton, above. For those of you who don’t know about this character, she is a solicitor who works with SlipperySlope. She is brassy to UpTights’s classy and yet still, somehow, sexy. As for Alex, he is the author of numerous books including Lawyers Uncovered and two more excellent books published recently: 101 Ways to Leave the Law and 101 Uses for a Useless Banker. This October will see the publication of The Queen’s Counsel Alternative Lawyers’ Handbook which you can pre-order at Alex offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email You can watch Alex on a BabyBarista Skypecast interview here.

September 12, 2011 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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