Book recommendation: ‘Wig Begone’ by Charles Courtley

I’ve just finished reading another fictional book about barristers called Wig Begone by Charles Courtley and can heartily recommend it. It follows the early career of a junior barrister some thirty-five years as he makes his first steps at the English bar. In doing so he comes across not only a huge range of clients and fellow barristers but also the odd (right word) difficult judge. We follow his victories and pieces of good fortune and the difficulties and injustices which can be caused simply by being so junior that you’re still tip-toeing around the profession. It’s a great read and follows in the footsteps of the likes of John Mortimer’s Rumpole series and Henry Cecil’s Brothers in Law series (the first of which is incidentally my favourite book about the English bar). As with Henry Cecil (whose real name was His Honour Judge Leon), Charles Courtley is a pseudonym for someone who practised as a barrister between 1972 and 1990 and is now a military judge. For more information about the book and the author click here. You can buy the book at

August 12, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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