Poem on Rob the Rubbish by Radio 4’s Matt Harvey

The wonderful Radio 4 Saturday Live poet (and fellow Devon resident) Matt Harvey did a poem about my (Tim Kevan’s) Dad Robin Kevan in his guise as Rob the Rubbish a few years ago which was broadcast on Fi Glover’s programme on Radio 4. Now it’s going to appear in a new book by Matt entitled Where Earwigs Dare which is published on 14 October 2010. It is a collection of Matt’s latest poems, horticultural, whimsical, ecological, political and just plain funny. You can pre-order it at amazon. With Matt’s kind permission, the poem about my Dad is also printed below.

Rob the Rubbish…..My Hero

He isn’t where the glamour is
Or where the glitz and glitter is
He’s far away from cameras
Rob is where the litter is.
Whose litter?

Sound citizens like me and you
Who leave behind a residue
The wrapper of a snacky thing
Petroleum based packaging
An apple core, a bottle top
Look! Someone’s dropped their glottal stop
The stray lid off some Tupperware
The forelock of a Sherpa there
A crushed carton of apple juice

The landscape soaks up this abuse….
….Then Rob steps in

And…by picking up crisp packets, cling film and tin foil
Incongruous empties of Sprite and Drambui
He nurtures the flora and fauna and topsoil
And subtly recharges the Feng of its Shui

Rob is more than merely stoic
He’s verging on heroic
He’s a super-dooper human
Doing topographic grooming
He’s a man whose civic pride
Extends up every mountainside
He de-clutters their crevices
He’s even done Ben Nevis’s
The litter droppers’ nemesis –
Is he a hero? You decide….

It’s a dirty world – but Rob won’t let us ruin it
It’s a dirty job – we’re glad that Rob is doing it

Matt Harvey, Radio 4, 27th January 2007

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