Sponsored post: Cellmark to do DNA test for BusyBody’s child

Talk about cat among the pigeons. Chambers tea was absolutely buzzing yesterday afternoon after BusyBody made a grand entrance, walked up to OldSmoothie and said: “I’ve been chatting to a family law solicitor and I’ve decided to have a DNA test done by Cellmark to determine the father of my child.” Now that may not mean too much in isolation but when you know a little bit of the politics you might just understand what a bombshell this was. You see, BusyBody got pregnant during pupillage about three years ago and there were two possible suspects as to who might be the father: OldSmoothie and FanciesHimself a junior clerk. This had led a few of the pompous dinosaurs in chambers to take the same line as Alan Clark’s wife who once said, ‘If you bed people of below stairs class, they will go to the papers’. HeadClerk on the other hand was so upset that he had to pretend it didn’t even happen as to do otherwise would be just too much to contemplate.

To add to the furore BusyBody then added: “Oh and by the way, Cellmark have an iPhone/iPad app to track the progresss of the case and I’m going to give access to both you and FanciesHimself. So you’ll even be able to use your lovely new shiny iPad to get the result.” What OldSmoothie doesn’t know is that another barrister in chambers called Teflon has started up a book as to who’ll be the father. But not only that, he’s also cut a deal with FanciesHimself that all proceeds will go to his chosen charity if he gives those making a bet access to progress on the case. Which as you might imagine has led to pretty much everyone except OldRuin downloading the app.

For more information on Cellmark, DNA testing and their new iPhone/iPad app, visit www.cellmark.co.uk.

June 16, 2010 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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4 Responses

  1. Sena - June 16, 2010

    This is exciting! Can’t wait to find out who the father is.

  2. John Woolman - June 16, 2010

    So how does BusyBody get DNA samples from the two candidates?

  3. Cicero - June 17, 2010

    BB u r turning out to be a pioneer of product placement in the blogosphere 🙂

  4. Cicero - June 17, 2010

    Whts happening with the moldy lit. It seems to be moving at an elephantine pace. What’s TopFirst and Scandalmonger upto?