Year 4, week 31: like flies round…

TheVamp reported at chambers tea that she had been against TheBusker today and had been cross-examining a male witness rather vigorously when he’d suddenly lost his rag and said: “I know what your problem is, young lady. All these aggressive questions. What you really need…”
The judge interrupted at this point with: “This case isn’t about counsel. Please simply answer the questions which are put.”
The witness apparently looked a little put out and replied with: “M’Lord, you see, the thing is, all that attention. It goes to their heads, it does. She’s a tease.  I saw them young lawyers in the waiting room. All gathering around her like flies round…”
Before the witness could finish his sentence, TheBusker quickly stood up and interrupted him with: “Honeypots…bees…surely?”
“Quite so,” smiled the judge.

April 29, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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