Year 4, week 14: twenty tenors or tenners?

“So what are they going to call this next decade?” said OldSmoothie at chambers tea just before Christmas.
“Well, we’ve had the noughties so maybe now it’s the tenties?” said BusyBody.
“Yes, quite. The age of austerity and repossessions which will leave us all living in tents if we’re not careful,” said HeadofChambers.
“Or at least struggling to pay for a second home, a nanny and school fees on top,” said TheBusker wryly.
“Not forgetting child support and the odd mistress,” said BusyBody looking directly at OldSmoothie.
“Odd being the operative word,” retorted the pompous one.
“How about the tweenies?” said TheVamp. “Or the inbetweenies?”
“Even though the teens aren’t for another few years,” piped up TheCreep. “And for what it’s worth, even the first decade of this century doesn’t finish until the end of 2010.”
“As with most things you have to say my little friend, “said UpTights, “it’s worth even less than your legal practice.” She paused and then smiled. “Which for some reason prompts the twenty tenners. Your daily fee, perhaps?”
“You know, personally I quite favour the twenty tenors,” said OldRuin, diplomatically cutting through the tension. “There’s something almost operatic in all this war-making amid financial ruin.”
“You’re a marketing genius,” said TheBusker. “I can see it now. The new X-Factor. The search for the twenty tenors for the twenty tenors.”

But whatever, they eventually decide, may I wish all readers of this blog a very happy new year and best wishes for 2010.

January 1, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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