BabyBarista gets nominated for American Bar Association Awards once again!

Having in January this year not only won the "Quirky" category of the American Bar Association's Law Blog (Blawg) Awards but also gained the most overall votes for any category I was curious to see what the Americans would do to try and stop the Brits stealing their glory this time around. So, when it came to the announcement as to who the Top 100 were for this year I was delighted to see that despite my concerns, not only this blog but two other excellent Brit Blawgs had been nominated: Charon QC and Geeklawyer. But as is always the way with lawyers, it was only when I read the detail that I realised their strategy. Whoever would imagine that the Americans would change the rules of an election simply to engineer the result? I mean, go figure? But there it was in black and white: a completely different system of voting which is only available to those that have signed up to the ABA. Hmm, so that'll be US lawyers then? Now, whilst it definitely gives them an advantage and will lose the majority of blog readers who simply flick from page to page, it doesn't mean voting is impossible for us Brits. Whilst inconvenient, the sign up is relatively easy and once you've done that then you can vote for all three representatives from this side of the Atlantic. So, go on, please vote here and let's see if we can show them despite these shenanigans.

December 4, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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  1. thenambypamby - December 4, 2009

    I would love to vote for you, however, we are nominated in the same category yet again. Thus, I must tip my hat in congratulations. And pray you lose 😉

  2. Molly McDonough - December 4, 2009

    To clarify, registration is open to all ABA members and non members. To keep the popularity contest fair, and to hopefully thwart bot voting, we added simple registration to the process. So please register and vote for up to 10 of your favorite law blogs on our favorites’ list.
    Molly McDonough

  3. - December 5, 2009

    My vote’s in at # 16. Good luck BabyB, I really hope you win. Again.
    ragini werner / NEEDSer

  4. Robert Newsom - January 9, 2010

    The precedent you are looking for would be:
    BUSH ET AL. v. GORE ET AL. 531 U.S. 98 (2000).