Year 4, week 9: peer to peer

Politics seems to be in the air this week what with SlipperySlope’s lamenting New Labour sleaze and then later OldSmoothie walking around preening himself like a peacock following a conversation he’d had with an old university chum who’s now a Tory MP. “Yes,” he boomed at ChambersTea,“they’re scouting around for new talent at the moment to fill up The Other Place as soon as they get in.”
“Hmm. Scouting for Boys. Now where have I heard that motto before,” said BusyBody sarcastically.
TheBusker smiled seeing comedy value from all angles. “Reminds me of another childhood innuendo over the Everest pictures which said “Edmund Hillary with Sherpa tensing. Which one of the two was tensing and why was something which caused no end of mirth.” Then he brought OldSmoothie back to his vanity musings with, “But sorry OldSmoothie. You were saying. The Other Place. You don’t mean…” He paused theatrically and looked towards the ceiling.
“Of course I don’t,” OldSmoothie stammered impatiently. “I mean that they’re talking about making me a Peer.”
“What, like Brighton Pier?” asked TheBusker quizzically and before OldSmoothie was even given the chance to rise, BusyBody continued the double act with: “or is it something to do with, watering your horse…you know, like leaking the lizard, draining the dragon…” Then she added pensively: “Hmm, a professional peer. Imagine that.”
“Ooh, feisty one you are!” said TheCreep who’s just recently been told that The Inbetweeners is funny and thinks he might catch a bit of it by continually quoting from it.
“Lord Percy of Porcelain,” added BusyBody ignoring TheCreep.
“I once knew a girl who only hung out with aristocracy," said TheBusker getting distracted again. "They always dragged out that old gag about the paddle steamer.”
“Ah, as in always moving from peer to peer,” said HeadofChambers waking up. “Yes, I always liked that one.”
“Or TheLibrarian,” added TheBusker.
“Hmm,” said HeadofChambers as if he was treating it like a cryptic crossword. “Got it! Extremely fond of good titles. I like it.”

By which point OldSmoothie’s attempt at taking himself too seriously were well and truly scuppered.

November 25, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Andy Crofts - December 29, 2009

    Liked that rather obscure reference to the RSC’s “The Other Place” in Stratford-upon-Avon. Theatrically, indeed….
    Wonder how many other readers got it?
    Nice one!
    See you at the “Dirty Duck” opposite – next time I visit that Green and Pleasant Land. Next lifetime, I reckon.