Year 4, week 9: Tories, red tape and referral fees

SlipperySlope’s taken to calling himself “The People’s Champion” in a few of his more recent press releases and he was in chambers today bemoaning the state of the country. “It’s all very well knocking New Labour sleaze but where would we be without it I ask you? It’s certainly not going to help us lawyers if the Tories ban referral fees for example. I mean how would we get our cases if we can’t buy them in?”
“Maybe you’d bring them in on the strength of your reputation?” I said brightly.
“Don’t kid yourself BabyB. Cash is king in this world, not just in politics. I buy the cases one end and buy the results through you guys the other. Simple as that. Up front and transparent and everyone knows where they stand. Now who’d want to abolish a system as beautiful as that?”

Oh. But he wasn’t finished there. “But don’t get me started, BabyB. Labour of whatever shade of red always means regulation and regulation always means more work for lawyers. Employment lawyers, health and safety lawyers, even incey wincey procedural lawyers. Twelve years of red tape and sleaze. We’ve never had it so good. It’ll be all downhill from here.”

Well, quite.

November 24, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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