Year 4, week 8: OldSmoothie voice goes viral

After years of innuendo-ridden little speeches to chambers tea by OldSmoothie, TheBusker suggested the other day that perhaps a few of his choice quotes might be recorded for posterity on Twitter. This led to a flurry of emails in which people simply started making up micro-speeches in the voice of the SilverFox himself and the following were the first three to be posted at @babybarista  under the hashtag #OldSmoothie:

#OldSmoothie judging 1: I told her to dispense with the pleadings, show me her particulars and then move on swiftly to the oral submissions

#OldSmoothie 2: I told her to show me her Part 18s after which I suggested a cheeky res ipsa loquitur and gave her the easement she sought

#OldSmoothie on finance: I told her to strip her assets and then after a period of inflation I have her a good triple A rating

But here’s the thing. How about suggesting other people join in with their own tweets and the same #OldSmoothie ID. I mean, let’s put his voice out there and see quite how far it goes.

November 16, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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