BabyBarista arrives Down Under

I’m really delighted that BabyBarista and the Art of War has just received a very nice review in The Journal of the New South Wales Bar Association called ‘Bar News’ which you can read by clicking here or on the picture of the left. I’m even more pleased by the fact that the review is by Richard Beasley who is not only a practising barrister (and a qualified solicitor) but also the author of one of my very favourite legal novels ever Hell Has Harbour Views which is both extremely funny and also a fantastic page turner of a read which I couldn’t recommend more highly. It is available direct from Australian bookshops such as and also on

Post script
A friend who lives in New Zealand writes in response: “Can’t let your Northist propaganda go by without comment…the down under comment although common is a slur and a calumny propagated by Northists who choose to ignore the astronomical conventions J…on astronomical charts the convention is to depict South at the top and North at the bottom, (I suspect it came from the days when astronomical telescopes produced an inverted image…) So if one were to view the earth as an astronomer it is you sir who is down under J

November 16, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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