Year 4, week 5: postman plod…

“Don’t forget there’s another postal strike,” said HeadClerk this morning.
“Extraordinary,” said OldSmoothie. “Like turkeys voting for Christmas.”
“Well, so long as it’s not by postal vote,” said TheVamp coming into the Clerks Room.
“Yet another reason for solicitors to delay paying us,” said UpTights.
“As if they need another reason,” said TheCreep.
“You know, I am currently owed over two hundred grand by those thieving, snivelling pencil pushers,” said UpTights.
“That’ll be the same thieving snivelling pencil pushers who put bread on your table,” smiled TheBusker.
“And botulism in your face,” piped up OldSmoothie.
“It’s just not right, though,” said UpTights. “I mean, no-one is in the civilised world gets treated like we barristers do what with late payments and last minute briefs. No-one. Not even, er…”

She trailed off as she realised that everyone was now listening and waiting to hear what she would come up with next.
“Not even, er…” Then in a panic, she came up with “…postmen.”

Well, quite.

October 26, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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