Year 3, week 52: Happy Landings

TheBusker was telling us all on Friday night about a case he had down in the West Country last week. It was a small rural dispute between a local farmer and a very grand dame, the Dowager Lady Bossington with the farmer claiming rent for her six week stay at his farmhouse which is situated just next to the former estate of Lady Bossington’s late husband. The farmer was apparently an old-fashioned servile type but despite this clearly thought that he should be paid for the accommodation he had provided whereas the Dowager Lady thought it came as of right. In the middle of the case TheBusker was cross-examining the farmer and asked him quite how intimately he knew The Lady Bossington to which the reply came back innocently and in a broad West Country accent: “Well, we did have intercourse on the landing a couple of times.”

September 22, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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