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Year 3, week 52: Happy Landings

TheBusker was telling us all on Friday night about a case he had down in the West Country last week. It was a small rural dispute between a local farmer and a very grand dame, the Dowager Lady Bossington with the farmer claiming rent for her six week stay at his farmhouse which is situated […]

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'BabyBarista and the Art of War' reviewed in 'Counsel Magazine'

Review of BabyBarista and the Art of War in Counsel Magazine by Thom Dyke. "…Written in a lively and engaging style, BabyBarista has more than enough laughs to keep the reader on the right side of the dubious ethical path plotted by the central protagonist as he takes on his fellow pupils, TopFirst, BusyBody, Worrier and […]

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Year 3, week 49: the RugbyShuffle

“It’s outrageous what’s been going on in the rugby world recently,” said OldSmoothie to me over a coffee yesterday morning.“I know, it’s terrible,” I said. “Could bring the whole game into disrepute.”“No, I don’t mean that’s terrible,” answered OldSmoothie. “It’s that they’ve exposed one of my best courtroom tricks for getting a witness out off […]

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Year 3, week 49: Oh, yes, yes, yes

Today was the day TheBusker had been planning for over a year. He’s been especially training his dog for a court appearance and this was it and I went along to watch. It was a relatively small theft case although big enough for a jury trial. By all accounts his client was definitely guilty and […]

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