Year 3, week 40: royale with cheese

There was no stopping BusyBody at lunch today. “I got to chat to Prince William last night, don’t you know,” she said as if pretending to be self-effacing but failing miserably.
“How come?” asked TheBusker.
“Oh, you know…” said BusyBody twirling her hair around a finger. “Me and the Prince and everything.”
“No, we don’t know,” said UpTights, rising to the bait, “but I’m sure you’re going to tell us.”
“Well, he’s become a barrister. Though that was after chatting to me for a little while.”
“Oh,” said TheCreep. “The Middle Temple’s new Royal Bencher. I heard about this. Didn’t they have to get him special dispensation from the Bar Standards Board so that he could be called to the Bar?”
“That’s right,” said BusyBody authoritatively as if this were her new specialist subject.
“Though in return he had to undertake never to do pupillage or to practise,” added TheCreep.
“But he can still call himself a barrister?” asked TheBusker.
“Of course,” said BusyBody.
TheBusker looked around mischievously before saying: “Given the Standards Board’s insistence on objectivity to candidates generally, I wonder what they would say if a non-royal member of the public asked for the same dispensation? In other words to be called to the Bar without doing any of the training?”
“Well, quite,” said OldSmoothie joining in. “Wouldn’t want to be seen to be discriminating and all, now would they?”

July 7, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. Pupil barrister - July 9, 2009

    And without the burden of paying back a loan taken out to cover a law degree, the BVC and survival during pupillage! Nicely done William…
    Seriously though – making William Wales a barrister shows the monarchy to be the ridiculous anachronism that it is but also opens up the Middle Temple for ridicule. Why make him a barrister and then insist that he not practice?

  2. BARDWELLER - July 10, 2009

    Sorry for stating the obvious here but….tradition! The bar is quite fond of it!

  3. Pi**ed off in essex - July 15, 2009

    This is ridiculous- Middle Temple should be ashamed of engaging in this farce. Making him a Royal Bencher to what end? This is how the Bar cotninues to be divorced from reality- by pulling PR stunts like this.