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Year 3, week 39: Twitter

With tenancy decisions getting nearer, it brings back terrible memories of two years ago and my first fights with TopFirst. Though I’ve been more than a little pre-occupied with my own problems in the last few months, there is one pupil in particular who is starting to make her mark. Though when I say make […]

June 25, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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Year 3, week 39: BeachedWhale

We’ve been doing more interviews for pupillage this week and incredibly they’ve continued to allow OldSmoothie and UpTights to take part. Last night apparently one of the female candidates had listed as her hobbies synchronised swimming and beach volleyball which led OldSmoothie to stumble from one cringeworthy question to another until eventually he had obtained […]

June 23, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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Boxer Barry McGuigan MBE praises BabyBarista book

Nice review of BabyBarista and the Art of War from Barry McGuigan MBE, former World featherweight Boxing Champion: "BabyBarista provides an entertaining and highly amusing insight into the mysterious world of wigs and gowns. Right from the start the gloves are off and the fight for tenancy is no less dramatic than a top class boxing […]

June 19, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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Year 3, week 39: a sad day

“It is a sad day,” said OldRuin, who seemed to be uncharacteristically agitated this evening.“Why’s that?” I asked.“Have you read the news? The Times has reported that the Court of Appeal has decided that suspected jury tampering is enough to replace trial by jury with trial by judge.”“Conviction by judge, more like,” said OldSmoothie who was […]

June 18, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 7 Comments
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Year 3, week 38: what larks, eh pip?

There was a colourful menagerie of extremely high maintenance ladies gathered together in lunch today. You see, it was the Middle Temple Church Fete this evening and it was due to be opened by the actor Nigel Havers. When the news had first been announced there was a certain frisson of excitement from a fair number of […]

June 17, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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Year 3, week 38: age-old problem

Much fuss at a chambers meeting yesterday. Apparently we recently turned down a fifty-eight year old lady for interview and she has made an official complaint claiming that she has been discriminated against on account of her age. “We didn’t take her on,” said OldSmoothie diplomatically, “because she was a mad old witch and for […]

June 16, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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Year 3, week 37: chocolate teapots

Chambers had a meeting yesterday evening about something close to everybody’s heart. Actually as close to many of their hearts as you’re likely to get since the subject was costs. More particularly, how they could manage to maximise those costs. It seems that there is a review under way as to whether to raise the […]

June 11, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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Year 3, week 36: up Judy’s Passage

“Terrible thing,” said HeadofChambers at lunch, “The Fourth of June and all will be dead.”“What on earth are you talking about,” asked UpTights.“George III’s birthday of course.  Champagne and smoked salmon on Agar's, listening to the gentle thud of leather meeting willow.”“I think he’s talking about his time at Eton,” whispered BusyBody. “Anyway,” she piped […]

June 4, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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Year 3, week 36: delicious irony

There was a long queue outside of chambers today which was an unusual sight since barristers rarely queue up for anything. As I approached, I could hear a very heated conversation although for once it all appeared to be going one way. “The very least you could expect is that law-makers keep to the spirit […]

June 2, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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