Year 3, week 32: flu party

Much chat over lunch in Hall yesterday after BusyBody happened to mention she’d been invited to a ‘swine flu party’ this weekend through a friend of a friend who knows somebody who apparently has the virus. After the predictable pig-related back-chat from OldSmoothie, she replied: “But it might actually be a good idea to get this virus now before it mutates into something far worse. You know, like super-swine flu or something.” Then she looked over at OldSmoothie and added: “Though I can’t for the life of me think why that just reminds me of you.”

May 15, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Abigail - May 15, 2009

    Whatever happened to bird flu?
    It never took off!
    Now, the APorkalypse! (-the Sun)