Year 3, week 28: stitch-up

Well, I turned up at the hearing today along with SlipperySlope and found myself facing UpTights and TopFirst and then poor old Worrier cowering in the background and looking at me almost apologetically. “Where’s OldSmoothie,” said UpTights, clearly thrown by his not being there to support me since we’d given them notice of taking him on only last week. “Oh, he said he didn’t need to come along to this hearing,” I replied, following OldSmoothie’s precise instructions to the letter. “In fact he said that he was getting quite bored of baiting you all the time and has decided to give you a sporting chance by pitting you against me.”
Despite herself, it was clear that this utterly infuriated UpTights and she simply turned on her heels and went off in a storm with TopFirst trotting behind trying to calm her down. But the damage had already been done and OldSmoothie was once more under UpTights’ stretched skin even in his absence. Come the hearing and UpTights’ application to strike out came out as such a splutter of vindictive bile that the judge was having none of it, saying simply that “this case raises issues of public importance which deserve to be aired in full.”

Then, as we were leaving SlipperySlope whispered to me: “Of course, you do realise that the judge’s daughter runs a business which recently went into bankruptcy after their line of credit was ended, don’t you?”

At which the penny dropped. No wonder OldSmoothie didn’t feel the need to attend.

April 8, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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