Year 3, week 27: my identity – yeh right!

Well, the story’s finally out on The Times that I've gone and got myself a book deal with Harry Potter's very own, Bloomsbury Publishing. It’s all set to come out in August and it seems that you can already order advance copies on amazon. But one thing they insisted on was that my identity be revealed. I mean, who's going to do the publicity otherwise? So there was only one way of getting around it that I could see and that was to appoint someone to pretend to be me and take over any publicity work that needs to be done. I thought about selling the role on ebay or possibly offering it to UpTights for comedy value but in the end I settled for my good friend Tim Kevan of 1 Temple Gardens who I have to admit bears more than a little resemblance to TheBusker. He was happy to oblige and really, why wouldn’t he? He’s already taking a break from the Bar and the surfing life of North Devon certainly seems to fit the writerly image far more than my own reality which involves rushing around the county courts and (I’m ashamed to admit) still living in the spare room at my mother’s. So there you go, they say it’s him but now you know better. Just another big corporate conspiracy. But one thing of which you can definitely be sure: whatever Tim Kevan is up to with his publicity gig, I will continue to be writing this blog and keeping you up to date on my various fights with TopFirst and UpTights.


So go on, tell your friends and buy the book!

March 31, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 10 Comments
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  1. Daniel Barnett - March 31, 2009

    Bluff, double bluff and triple bluff!!! Congratulations Tim – you’ve kept the legal world cheerful for the last two years. This is simply the best legal fiction ever; we’ve all been rooting for BabyB and his Machievellian antics

  2. Alexandra Paterson-Culverwell - March 31, 2009

    Hmm pretty compelling evidence BabyB…Tim Devan’s website actually claims he writes the blog [sigh].

  3. Robin Kevan - March 31, 2009

    Well Alexandra, I’m Tim Kevan’s Dad…or am I? Now I’m not so sure! Did Tim write the BabyB blog?….He says so and Daniel believes so but you know what a cunning little so and so BabyB is so is it all another complex web he’s weaving?… for the book….well, Bloomsbury’s obviousy in on it all and saying Tim Kevan’s written it, but as I said, I’m Tim’s Dad…. I would have known all about it wouldn’t I?…..or would I?!!!

  4. John Gardener - March 31, 2009

    So hang on. Robin Kevan is Tim Kevan’s dad and I see from wikipedia that he’s the famous Rob the Rubbish – So Rob the Rubbish is BabyBarista’s Dad. Do these comedy alter egos run in the family by any chance? 🙂

  5. Abigail - April 1, 2009

    A greater mystery than the “Author of Waverley” has been cleared up at last.
    Alas, the evidence was to google for “I’m appalled”+ “bring back hanging”. No imitation barrister was revealed, though the spEak you’re bRanes types you find are quite striking.
    This comment is from a person with no business or family link with the alleged author. Well done Tim!

  6. Paul I - April 1, 2009

    Well you all sound very jolly, me? I’m appalled! This is jut the sort of blurring of fict and faction we can do without. The law is hard enough to follow, even with the help of The Daily Mail…. I for one won’t be so easy to fool next time, just because it’s published in The Times, it doesn’t mean people will just believe it! … What I say is … well, you can imagine.

  7. Andrew King - April 2, 2009

    You’ve brightened up my day on numerous occasions over the last couple of years BabyB and I hope that you will continue to do so for many years to come. Very many congratulations on the book deal – much deserved.

  8. Will - April 2, 2009

    I hope this “revelation” does not mean an end to the blog. It keeps me thoroughly entertained when my I should be working on papers and is an important reminder that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously lest we end up like OldSmoothie or UpTights.

  9. Ragini Werner - April 2, 2009

    Well I still love you, BabyB, even if I now know who you are. Or are not. Had your announcement been posted one day later than it was, none of us would have been taken in one little bit. No fools us, DABs (dedicated admirer of BabyB)one and all (and all for one)(BabyB, that is). And three cheers for the new book. Can’t wait for the sequel either.

  10. Gareth Llewelyn - April 4, 2009

    I am Tim Devan’s lovechild. The product of some slap and tickle in the robing room at Southend County Court. Fortunately I got my mothers looks!
    Well played Tim (the blog that is not the maternal usher). Keep up the good work.