Year 3, week 25: I’m appalled…

Following on from BusyBody and UpTights’ banter about OldSmoothie ‘emerging’ last week, BusyBody was telling me this morning what it’s prompted: “Well, it’s all about your google profile these days BabyB and one of the easiest ways to increase the number of high ranking references to you is to leave comments on big news stories on the websites of national newspapers.”
“Right,” I replied hesitantly, wondering quite where it was going.
“Yes, so the first small step for raising his profile has been to leave about two hundred such comments all over the web. All signed in his name.”
“And saying what, exactly.”
“Oh, that’s easy. We want to create just the right profile to allow him to ‘emerge’ as he likes to put it. So each comment starts with ‘I’m appalled…’ and then ends with ‘What I say is bring back hanging!’ As for the content, well…you can imagine.”

I certainly can and I’m wondering what OldSmoothie’s reaction will be when he discovers an array of bigoted comments all made out in his name surfacing on the internet.

March 16, 2009 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. UK Employment Lawyer - March 16, 2009

    I love it – it’s evil genius!
    (Will this comment increase MY google ranking?)

  2. Heather - March 16, 2009

    Well frankly I am appalled that the legal profession would stoop so low, I say the bar council should bring back hanging lol

  3. Ian - March 16, 2009

    Rather daring act of bravery by BusyBody and UpTights.
    I’m highly amused by the phrase ‘it’s all about your Google profile’.
    I can just imagine someone responded with the comment ‘You’ve been Googled’.