Year 3, week 24: emerging

OldSmoothie was lamenting times gone by at Chambers Tea yesterday afternoon. “No-one just emerges any longer.”
“What do you mean emerges?” I asked.
“Emerges. Just what it says. Appears in place. Emerges from nowhere to take the role.”
“And I’m imagining that would be referring to the role of high court judge, would it?” asked BusyBody.
“Not just them. Prime Ministers used to just emerge. Ambassadors, heads of the civil service. They’d all just emerge. But yes, since you’re asking, high court judges too. It’s ridiculous having an application process for such a complicated and sensitive role.”
“Yes, I hear you weren’t even shortlisted following your own application, OldSmoothie. Great loss to the judicial system, I’m sure.” It was UpTights hitting him this time.
“Coming from someone who can’t even judge our little games of battleships without exploding, I hardly think you’re one to talk.” But he wasn’t to be diverted from his little reverie: “But all I’m really saying is that it’s a crying shame. No more old-fashioned consultations. Quiet words over a G and T. Now it’s all just form-filling and quotas.
“Well,” said UpTights, “any time you want to emerge as Ambassador for Outer Mongolia, you just tell me OldSmoothie, and I’ll get right onto the Prime Minister myself and make absolutely sure it happens.”
“I’d support your emergence into any place but this one to be honest OldSmoothie,” added BusyBody.
They were a tag team now and UpTights followed up with: “Yes, a campaign for the emergence of OldSmoothie. Maybe a few articles in the press, a petition on the Number Ten website and of course the obligatory Facebook group.”
BusyBody smiled and said: “You know, I think you may just be onto something there.”

Really, I dread to think where it may now lead, what with BusyBody’s surplus energy and UpTights’ manic moments.

March 12, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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