Year 3, week 21: bankstigation

So today the Bankstigation has begun as SlipperySlope issued proceedings on behalf of bank shareholders against various bankers they wished to hold to account and as well as taking out a big writ against the Financial Services Authority just for good measure. All great publicity for SlipperySlope but it’s also set off a stream of speculation in the press as to whether these bankers won’t simply use some of their past bonuses to settle the cases rather than risk their decisions being analysed after disclosure and even worse the public humiliation of being castigated in the witness box. In the end, OldSmoothie got his way and his name was added above mine on the pleadings despite the fact that, quite literally, he had done no work on the cases whatsoever. He also insisted on turning up at the press conference held by Slippery although I think this was more to try and flirt with the young female journalists (albeit unsuccessfully) than it was to get his name about.

So now we wait and see how the bankers react. Meanwhile, I am still waiting to see what the police make of the inside of my computer and specifically certain threatening emails purporting to come from TopFirst.

February 17, 2009 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Jonathan Sklan-Willis - February 19, 2009

    Big shame this is fiction!