Year 3, week 18: all of a Twitter

First Wossy was the biggest Twit and then Stephen Fry was all over it. But none of that beats what I discovered this morning: that a certain judge is not only on Twitter but is posting his musings about the case whilst he’s still in court. Here’s just a few:
“Very attractive counsel appearing before me at the moment.”
“Ha! They really think they can pull the wool over my eyes that easily.”
“Hmm.  Must be almost lunchtime.”
“Whose side shall I pick? Attractive counsel or Old Bore? Difficult one :-)” [Yes, even the smile]

He’s currently posting anonymously but it’s apparently pretty common knowledge who he is. I’m just looking forward to appearing in front of him and getting the inside track through his tweets. Oh, and if you want to hear my own twitterings or just ask me a question then you can do so here

January 26, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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