Year 3, week 17: sub-prime UK

‘It’s like the whole country’s turning into one big toxic debt,’ said OldSmoothie, mouthing off once again in the clerks room. ‘No wonder the pound’s being dumped. It’s not like we produce anything any longer and the only thing we’re good at is racking up debt. I just can’t imagine who’d still want to lend to sub-prime UK.’
‘Well, quite,’ said HeadClerk diplomatically.
But OldSmoothie hadn’t finished. ‘I mean, what do we produce? Really? Nothing of any use whatsoever. Services they always say. We’ve turned into a country of so-called service industries.’ He shook his head before finishing with, ‘Parasites more like.’
BusyBody had been quietly listening to this outburst and as she turned on her heels to leave he said over her shoulder for all to hear: ‘Well at least no-one can ever have accused you of being part of a service industry.’

January 23, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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