Year 3, week 15: virtual assistance

I was against TidySum yesterday in a personal injury case. If you remember, he’s the guy who had about fifty pupils working for him doing devilling work whereby they do his work and get paid 10% of what he bills out. I asked him how it was going. “I’ve moved on from pupils, BabyB. Far too expensive. It’s all about virtual assistants these days. I’ve got eleven full-time VAs out in India who are probably more highly qualified than most members of the bar and yet only charge eight pounds per hour. Took me a day to teach them how to value a whiplash and other small injuries and to draft a Particulars of Claim for small accidents at work and on the road. Now I just email them the papers and they’re returned by the next day. Each piece of work costs on average about £4 and I probably bill an average of £80. Shame I can’t get them to do my hearings really.”

Somehow I doubt it’ll be long until he trains one of them to impersonate him for phone hearings.

January 9, 2009 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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