Year 3, week 13: creative accounting

Everyone was busying in chambers getting their expenses ready for their accountants yesterday. Let’s just say that even at Christmas time, when it comes to HM Treasury the spirit is far from what you might call giving. There’s some pretty imaginative claims for expenses but I think one of the most extreme ones I’ve heard so far is from a young barrister who is “forced” to take his best solicitor client to a lap-dancing club at least once a month in return for work. He has put the cost of membership of said club under the category “Specialist Bar Associations”. Then, there’s another slightly older barrister who has a demanding insurer client with a penchant for Bolivian marching powder who puts all of these related expenses through his accounts under “Motor Fuel [no receipt]”.

December 23, 2008 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Tony K - January 8, 2009

    It’s been a week, and I miss you BabyB! We all know the junior Bar have to work between Xmas and New Year – where are you???