Year 3, week 12: ShiningWit

I went to a talk by a judge last night who rumour has it was forced to retire due to an “indiscretion” which luckily for him didn’t make it out into the public domain. HeadofChambeers was chairing the talk and it was well-known that he was no friend of this particular judge. He stood up very grandly and began his introduction: “Our speaker today had a long and extinguished career on the bench…”

It might have been taken as a slip of the tongue were it not for the fact that he didn’t even flinch, never mind correct himself. Then he only added to the insult with what in his book was the ultimate in damning with faint praise when he described the former judge earlier in career as having been “truly the cream of the Nottingham Bar.”

Oh, what shining wit. Had me rolling in the aisles as you can imagine.

December 22, 2008 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. Matthew - December 22, 2008

    What’s wrong with the Nottingham Bar? I was hoping to practise there 🙁

  2. Neil - December 23, 2008

    A pity it wasn’t HHJ Boddington – the cream of Manchester.

  3. Not From Nottingham - December 23, 2008

    Matthew: What’s right with Nottingham?!?!?! That should answer your question.