Year 3, week 11: tomorrow never comes

I went to a ‘Sub-Prime’ party with Claire the other night where the dress code was “bring the best of your worst or the worst of your best” which basically meant it was full of shiny tracksuits and very tattered old dinner jackets. “So what do all the papers mean when they keep describing things as sub-prime?” asked Claire.
“No idea,” I answered drunkenly.
“Sub-prime shops, sub-prime clothes, even sub-prime people. It’s just another way for the condescending, snotty-nosed media to call people chavs.”

I’m sure she’s right but in the meantime we were all following the instructions on the “Sub-Prime” invite which was to “live like there’s no tomorrow.”

Which means that like all good sub-prime schemes I am now suffering an almighty headache since despite the promises, tomorrow really did come.

December 15, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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