Year 3, week 5: BundleCard

OldSmoothie was trying to show off at chambers tea this afternoon. “Yes, I’ve taken up jujitsu,” he told the whole room.
“What’s that?” said BusyBody, stepping up to the mark once again.
“Martial art, my dear. Physical exertion mixed with grace and skill.”
“Are you sure it’s not origami?” She asked. “Making paper aeroplanes sounds about as much exercise as you’d manage.”
UpTights has clearly been taking lessons from BusyBody because she moved in on the act with, “Or maybe they just sit around practising Chinese burns. That’s about as sophisticated as your bullying ever gets.”
I could see TheBusker warming up to the joke at this point. “Yes, I can see it now. Arriving at court and giving your opponent a wedgie as an opening gambit.” He smiled. “Then you could challenge them to British bulldogs if that failed.  But of course you’d also have the ultimate weapon, the playground nuclear option in your back pocket. I mean, just take along a pupil and a mini-pupil and you’ve got the potential to put an end to all resistance with a full-on bundle.”

October 30, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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