Year 3, week 2: time to pray

I bumped into OldFatherTime this morning and was telling him about one of my cases. “All you can do is pray, BabyB.” He looked at me with a thoughtful expression before continuing: “Although if you do, be picky about who you ask. I mean, St Christopher will already be overworked with all those travellers and then St Anthony, well, he’s having to do all that finding of things for people.”  I could see he was warming to his theme. “I’d go for one of the archangels if I were you.”
“What, like the Archangel Gabriel?” I asked.
“You’re certainly on the right lines. But you know who I’d ask if you really want it done pronto?” He said this with an almost conspiratorial tone.
“Uriel, that’s who. I mean there’s Gabriel as you say, Raphael and Michael but they’re known the world over and must be rushed off their feet. But the final one is the Archangel Uriel who everyone forgets. If it’s urgent, I’d say he’s your man.”

October 10, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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