Year 2, week 50: call my bluff

“Word reaches me that you made me a visit the other day, BabyB.” It was UpTights and she was not here to discuss the wireless case. “Dressed as Bat Man, I hear.”
“Very fetching you looked too in your little boxer shorts,” she added. “That was very naughty of TopFirst. Rest assured that he’s been in the doghouse since I found out.”

The she added, “But I have to admit it having raised a small smile when I received the first of the emails. But, you know, I hope it didn’t distract you from the case. Couldn’t have that, could we?”

I still couldn’t think of anything to say which would remotely mitigate my embarrassment at the situation which confronted me and so I left it to UpTights to make it even worse. “You know, BabyB, if you wanted to see me dressed as SuperGirl, you only had to ask. Sounds rather fun. Maybe we should give it a go this weekend?”

I still couldn’t think of anything to say but I was slowly starting to get annoyed and decided instead to take the high risk approach. I got up from my chair and went over to her and whispered in her ear: “You know, UpTights, maybe we should. I think my place this time. What do you say? Maybe we could video it, too?”

Thankfully this did the trick and she reverted back to the good old UpTights of old as she barked. “Do be quiet BabyB. You always have to take things just that extra bit too far, don’t you?”

With which she scuttled from the room.

September 10, 2008 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. Jonathan Sklan-Willis - September 10, 2008

    You shouldn’t have said you plan to video it and done so, focusing on her. You should have also got her to admit – on video – what TopFirst did!
    Good Luck with handling the complaints. We don’t want to lose our BabyB!

  2. Alexandra Paterson-Culverwell - September 10, 2008

    Haven’t heard much from BusyBody for a while…Is she involved in the TopFirst debacle?