Year 2, week 50: another complaint

Well, the big news from last week was that there was another complaint from TopFirst. This time his allegation is that I committed illegal insider trading by buying short on the shares in the wireless company. The strange thing is that rather than making the complaint to the FSA, he instead reported it to the Bar Standards Board. My initial thoughts are that he has done this because he currently lacks sufficient evidence to get a conviction but that he might frighten me out of the woods with a professional complaint.

I simply wrote back to the Bar Standards saying that it was the inappropriate forum to decide such matters. They may well get back to me asking whether I in fact deny the allegations or not, something I would prefer to avoid answering when I remain unsure what evidence TopFirst has.

Meanwhile, I have to force TopFirst to withdraw this complaint and preferably his earlier one as well. Both he and I know full well that if the allegation was proved and it eventually did go to the FSA, it would be porridge for BabyBarista.

September 8, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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