Year 2, week 49: old joke

I was out in the pub last night with OldSmoothie discussing the case and he was slobbering over one of the legal executives who’s been working with us. When she went off to chat to one of her friends he turned to OldSoak who was sitting nearby and received a knowing look. “Out of ten?” said OldSoak.
“Oh, I’d give her one,” said OldSmoothie.
“Ho, ho, the old ones are always the best,” chortled OldSoak and they raised their glasses.

At this moment TheVamp came up from behind our table and having clearly overheard the previous comment said: “Yes, I hear that’s a philosophy to which BabyB also subscribes. Particularly when it comes to women. Nice photo by the way. Seems to be doing the rounds. Must have received it from at least fifteen different people today.”


September 2, 2008 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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  1. Abigail - September 3, 2008

    I am considering a change of career to the Bar, so am reading up to find what it is really like. Thank you so much for revealing it to us. I wanted to be a doctor before my eyes were opened by the Carry On films.

  2. Anonymous - September 4, 2008

    Nothing the Vamp hasnt seen before

  3. Sophronite - September 5, 2008

    You should tell her that your defence will be to tell the truth – that you received texts from her and had responded… and that you had gone to her place… as can clearly be seen from the photo… and your records, and those of her phone company will confirm those exchanges..
    Now – how can she help both HERSELF and you out of this mess…
    …by also telling the truth …that the photographer had taken the phone and used it without her knowledge or consent…
    Boot… foot… other ?

  4. Anonymous - September 8, 2008

    Baby B, what’s happening?