Year 2, week 47: SuperGirl

Desperate times call for desperate measures and if you’re wondering how I replied to UpTights, it was in the following terms: “10pm my flat. As for the super hero, we could have Cat Woman or Womder Woman but I’d prefer to see you in a skirt. How about Super Girl? Your call for me.”

To which I received an immediate reply: “You’ve always been my little caped crusader, BabyB x”.

So now I have a meeting with TopFlirt at 7pm this evening followed by a very frightening encounter with an ageing super hero at 10pm.

August 22, 2008 · Tim Kevan · 5 Comments
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5 Responses

  1. J Lam - August 22, 2008

    Getting your grey wings to secure victory is above and beyond babyb.

  2. Jonathan Sklan-Willis - August 22, 2008

    Good luck BabyB. Hope the meetings don’t overlap! I’m pulling for you – though how much good that’ll be I don’t know – to get laid twice in one night [even more] and get all the ‘particulars’ necessary!

  3. MacG - August 27, 2008

    Come on BabyB you must have recovered by now! We have to know what happened

  4. Edward - August 27, 2008

    come on baby, some of us are still in a boring ass job you know.

  5. Jules - August 29, 2008

    Given that the encounter subsequently took place at TF’s flat, shouldn’t BB’s text start “10pm your flat…”?