Year 2, week 37: OldSoak

KeanieBeanie was at it again today.  Badgering UpTights this time for some work that he could take home.
“Don’t you have a life other than the law?” she asked, which was just a little bit rich coming from her of all people.
“Well you need to get one, young man.”
“What would you suggest?”
“Well, er, I don’t know. Er,…” 

That had her stumped.  Then OldSoak, the chambers resident alcoholic stumbled past in the clerks room having heard the rest of the conversation and piped up: “Drinking and fornication, young man. Don’t they teach you anything at Oxford these days?”

KeanieBeanie looked even more embarrassed than ever and scuttled from the room as bright red as his brand new braces.

June 12, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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